ColoAlert® Premium

ColoAlert® Premium

Advanced Bowel Cancer Screening Test (Stool DNA and FIT and HB-HP tests combined)

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At home Bowel Cancer Screening Test to detect DNA changes AND blood in the stool, which may indicate the presence of cancerous or precancerous growths in the bowel.


Dont Delay:The later the stage at diagnosis, the poorer the chances of survival – in other words, early diagnosis and treatment of colorectal cancer saves lives. For more information regarding diagnosis and staging check below "Bowel Cancer" Not available on the NHS or anywhere else


Free Delivery: Despatched same day.Royal Mail First Class Next Business day tracked


Collection: DHL with tracked notifications

CE IVD Approved

Manufactured & processed by ISO15189 accredited and ISO 13485:2016 certified Laboratories




    What does ColoAlert® test for?

    • Faecal Immunochemical Test (FIT) detects hidden blood in the stool which may indicate bowel cancer and can also be from more benign causes like Piles     

    • Haptoglobin-haemoglobin complex (Hb-Hp)  detects hidden blood in stool, more sensitive and superior than FIT alone   as relatively stable during it transit through the bowels.                                                                         

    • Mutated KRAS gene in the stool that is found in Bowel cancer and Bowel polyps is related to poor survival and increased tumour aggressiveness                                                                                         

    • Mutated BRAF gene in the stool that is found in Bowel cancer and Bowel polyps  is related to poor survival ​                                                  

    • Quantification of human (h)DNA determines the relative amounts of human DNA in the stool. Increased concentrations of human DNA in stool samples are found in Bowel cancer samples. 


     Collection method                                                                                          

    • Stool Sample 


     Accuracy: ColoAlert is Highly Accurate                                                            

    • Sensitivity >90%
    • ​Specificity >95%


    Laboratory processing time: 5 days


    Distributed in the UK by Biox Medical Ltd. It is also available at our partner clinics and hospitals at Pallmall Medical UK



    - Is not available on the NHS or any other website or clinic.

    - Is only available from this website and Pallmall Medical Clinics and Hospitals and process in advanced German Laboratories.

    - Is the most Advanced Bowel Cancer Stool Screening test for UK`s 2nd biggest Killer with a 5%  5year survival rate for Late stage diagnosis.

    - Screens for 5 Biomarkers for Bowel Cancer(FIT, Hb-Hp,KRAS, BRAF,h(DNA) Private or NHS Bowel Screening test only screen for one Biomarker(FIT only) 

    -Haptoglobin-haemoglobin complex (Hb-Hp) is far more sensitive and superior than FIT alone as relatively stable during it transit through the bowels.

    - Looks for tumour markers and cancer cells found in Bowel Cancer not just blood. ​Bowel cancer may present without bleeding and thus ColoAlert® will be invaluable.

    -Does more than current Bowel screening test which test for FIT only which is blood found in bowels from many causes( Bowel Cancer or polyps of the colon,Hemorrhoids,Anal fissures,Ulcerative colitis,Crohn's disease,Diverticular disease, Meckel’s diverticulum)

    - Is a convenient stool test, no need colonoscopies which can be unpleasant or unavailable due to NHS backlog or restrictions.

    - Covid19 risk free as no need to go to clinic or hospital.

    - CT colonoscopies/Colonoscopies DO NOT test polyps less than 5mm in size and left for repeat colonscopy in 5 years

    -Detects mutated KRAS gene in the stool that is found in Bowel cancer and is related to poor survival and increased tumour aggressiveness


    When do I use ColoAlert?

    The American Cancer Society recommend that you start regular screening at the age of 45, or younger if you have a family history of bowel cancer. Most American insurance companies cover stool DNA testing – as a Bowel cancer screening test for asymptomatic, average risk beneficiaries, aged 50 to 85 years.

    Currently the NHS Bowel screening with colonoscopy(subject to availability) at 55-59yrs and FIT testing at 60yrs+ and there are no stool DNA testing currently available in the UK.

    The purpose of this test is to identify both the presence of blood and DNA changes in the stool that are shed into the stools from precancerous/cancerous cells.

    The FIT test detects the presence of blood in the stool, which may be invisible to the naked eye. 

    Bowel cancer DNA changes shed into the stools may even occur before even bleeding starts. ColoAlert® detects Bowel cell DNA changes that are shed into the stool. This innovative new technology is called Stool DNA (sDNA)

    ColoAlert® is the only Stool DNA test kit available in the UK and Europe.


    What`s the difference between ColoAlert® and FIT test?

    ​Stool FIT detects bowel blood in the stool that can be due to Bowel cancer, but can also be a sign of Piles, Stomach ulcers, Inflammatory Bowel Disease and so on.

    ​ColoAlert® Basic combines the conventional FIT test with an innovative Stool DNA test that looks for Bowel Cell mutations. This Stool DNA test relies on KRAS and BRAF mutations and not only the presence of blood.  ColoAlert® Plus additionally quantifies abnormal bowel cancer cells found in the stools h(DNA)

    ​Bowel cancer may present without bleeding and thus ColoAlert® will be invaluable.


    Is ColoAlert available at my NHS GP?

    ColoAlert is only available on this site and partner practices. There are no other laboratories in the UK that can process ColoAlert as it requires specialised equipment and staff and so all samples will be sent to a German laboratory for processing


    COLOALERT® shipped as First Class delivery, 

    arrives in a few business days (Free)


    Password protected as Date of Birth (DDMMYYYY format to encrypt results)


    18 Aug 2020

    Professional, simple, re-assurance.

    I bought ColoAlert Plus. From the beginning, the team at mecheck were incredibly helpful and re-assuring, and handled extremely professionally something which otherwise can feel very personal, and (to be honest) a little embarassing. The kit was well made, easy to use with clear instructions, and the courier return service was smooth and fast.

    Vikas Shah (MBE Serial-entrepreneur & philanthropist)


    23 Aug 2020

    Fast track test

    Fast track test, amazing services.

    Ordered ColoAlert to take my doubts out about the bowel cancer, all procedure was easy to get it done, very happy with it.

    Thank you for creating such amazing services for our health online, it was safe, can do all at home in your own time.

    Francisco Li (Senior Test Analyst)


    24 Aug 2020

    Great test, easy access!

    I always wanted to do a Bowel Cancer Test and I got ColoAlert through Mecheck´s website.

    It was super easy and quick to get, everything from home, they sent me the test and I could arrange the collection from home also with DHL. The test goes to Germany for the labs and they email you the results as soon as they have it, everything I had it done in one week.

    Super efficient and very happy! Thank you to Mecheck!

    Nieves H.C


    26 Sep 2020

    Great efficient services

    Great efficient services by providing easy to follow instructions. Thank you for making a simple check so convenient and approachable!

    Sang Lostrie


    12 Oct 2020

    Very quick and easy service, 100% recommend!

    Orders was received very quickly with a really easy to understand manual. I arrange an collection and got my results within a week. I have recommended this to my family members and also would recommend to anyone. It's always best to be safe and know your body early! Overall a great service and would use this again.

    Shel Duffy



    20 Nov 2020

    Quick and efficient service

    Quick and efficient service. Very helpful and quick response to any questions. Would highly recommend.



    "The most advanced at-home bowel cancer screening test" 

    Pall Mall Medical UK

    "The most advanced Bowel Cancer test today.Not available anywhere in the UK-NHS or private.We are the only UK suppliers for ColoAlert developed and engineered in Germany" 

    Prof. Maria-Paz Weisshaar,

    Director of Research & Development Biox Medical UK,Professor of Microbiology, Biochemistry & Pharmocogenetics, University of Applied Sciences Bonn-Rhein-Sieg, Germany,Honorary Professor, University of Santiago, Chile,Senior Professor, Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaíso  for P4Medicine & Pharmocogenetics


    By detecting tumour DNA, ColoAlert effectively minimizes the analytical gap between the colonoscopy and other stool tests.

    Prof. Dr. Matthias Dollinger

    Coordinator of the colorectal cancer center and chief physician, Hospital Landshut

    Teaching and research in the Department of Gastroenterology, University of Ulm


    ColoAlert is Europe’s first genetic colorectal cancer screening test. German Innovation Awards Winner 2018 in Excellence in Business to Consumer Medical & Health.

    German Innovation Awards


    Why does Bowel Cancer screening concern me?

    • Big C:  4th Biggest Cancer in the UK (42000 new cases/year) 

    • Serious: 2nd Biggest cause of death in the UK (16300 deaths/year) 

    • Not treated seriously: uptake of screening is poor leading to more late diagnosis and poor prognosis

    • Under 50s: 10% colorectal cancer cases are diagnosed in under 50s** and 73% diagnosed at later stage** (under 50s)"The number of young adults with bowel cancer is rising at an alarming rate in England at an exponential increase in the incidence of bowel cancer among adults under 50" (March 2020, in the British Journal of Surgery BJS )Age has always been a major risk factor for bowel cancer, with the majority of cases being diagnosed in patients over 60 and therefore bowel cancer screening has focused on older age groups.The study findings are in agreement with other research carried out in Europe and the US in the recent past, which indicates a rapid rise in the incidence of this cancer in young adults

    • Too Late: ​"Bowel Cancer 5 year Survival rates are 95% if diagnosed at Early Stage and only 5% at Late Stage" (Cancer Research UK)"The cancers where the UK has the lowest 5-year survival rates of the 7 countries are stomach, colon, rectal, pancreas and lung cancer"(NHS)​


    What are the symptoms of Bowel Cancer?

    Bowel cancer may have no symptoms during the early stages of the disease but there may be some early warning signs. The symptoms of Bowel cancer may not develop until the disease has progressed into stage II or beyond***

    Early warning signs of colorectal cancer

    Most cancers in the colon or rectum develop from polyps, so screening to find and remove them when they first form helps prevent them from growing into cancers.

    Common early warning signs of Bowel cancer include:

    • ​Rectal bleeding, either bright or dark red in color

    • ​Tenesmus, which is the feeling that you have to empty your bowel but nothing passes

    • ​Anemia caused by iron deficiency

    • ​Persistent abdominal pain

    • ​Unexplained weight loss


    Although these symptoms may be caused by other, less serious conditions, such as hemorrhoids, ulcers and Crohn's disease, they should be discussed with a GP. Blood in the stool, even if it only appears intermittently, should never be ignored.


    What tests are available?

    NHS Bowel Cancer screening tests starts at 55+ with a colonoscopy and FIT test(Test for blood in the stools),

    Several tests may be used to diagnose Bowel cancer, these include:-

    • Colonoscopy: Direct viewing with video camera through the rectum. Needs bowel prep and day case and/or biopsies taken

    • ​CT colonoscopy: Non invasive colonoscopy but involves radiation and bowel prep  

    • ​FIT stool test:  To detect blood present in Bowel Cancer but may be present in benign conditions(Piles). Does not detect mutated DNA. A fraction the cost of Colonoscopy.

    • ​sDNA stool test To detect mutated KRAS/BRAF genes in stools found in Bowel Cancer. Its useful when Bowel cancer is found early and/or not bleeding yet. A fraction the cost of Colonoscopy.

    Bowel Cancer Survival Rates by Stage*

    Stage 1  Dukes' A
    95 out of 100 men (95%) with stage 1 bowel cancer will survive their cancer for 5 years or more after they're diagnosed. 

    Around all women (100%) with stage 1 bowel cancer  will survive their cancer for 5 years or more after they're diagnosed. 

    Stage 2  Dukes' B
    More than 80 out of 100 men (more than 80%) with stage 2 bowel cancer  will survive their cancer for 5 years or more after they're diagnosed. 

    Almost 90 out of 100 women (almost 90%) with stage 2 bowel cancer  will survive their cancer for 5 years or more after they're diagnosed. 

    Stage 3 Dukes' C
    Almost 65 out of 100 men and women (almost 65%) with stage 3 bowel cancer will survive their cancer for 5 years or more after they're diagnosed. 

    Stage 4 Dukes' D
    More than 5 out of 100 men (more than 5%) with stage 4 bowel cancer  will survive their cancer for 5 years or more after they're diagnosed. 

    Almost 10 out of 100 women (almost 10%) with stage 4 bowel cancer will survive their cancer for 5 years or more after they're diagnosed.*



    We accept ColoAlert packages back for a full refund  if it is returned within 14 days in an unused/undamaged condition. We cannot accept packages that has been damaged or used. 


    Key Terms – Sensitivity and Specificity

    are used to evaluate the analytical

    performance of a clinical test. Sensitivity is

    defined as the ability to correctly identify those

    patients with a disease (true-positive). For

    example, a test with 90 % sensitivity

    accurately detects this share of patients

    with cancer (true-positives). Thus, 10 %

    of affected patients will stay undetected

    (false-negatives). The higher the sensitivity the

    more powerful is the test to correctly identify

    patients with cancer. Specificity is defined as

    the ability to correctly identify healthy pati- 

    ents. For example, a test with 95 % specifi-

    city correctly identifies this share of pati-

    ents without cancer (true-negatives), with an

    error rate of 5 %. The higher the specificity the 

    more powerful is the test to correctly identify

    patients without cancer.


    “By detecting tumour DNA, ColoAlert® effectively minimises the analytical gap between colonoscopy and other stool tests.“ 
    Prof. Dr. Dr. M. Dollinger; Head of ColoAlert study; Chief Physician Landshut Hospital
    An independent multi-centre study investigated the sensitivity and specificity of three stool tests. A total of 566 patients used a blood-in-stool test as well as the M2-PK test and ColoAlert®. These three non-invasive tests were also compared to the existing gold standard, the colonoscopy. The blood-in-stool test scored with a very good specificity of 97 %, but its sensitivity was by far the lowest. In the case of the M2-PK test, the opposite  was true. Although the combination of both tests increased the sensitivity to 92 %, it remained very unspecific at 59 %. ColoAlert®1.0 achieved the most accurate predictive value of the non-invasive 
    methods in this study: In addition to a high sensitivity of 85 %, the minimum specificity of 90 % for the detection of colorectal cancer recommended by oncology guidelines easily could be exceeded. Several other clinical studies have also shown the great benefits of genetic diagnostics in colorectal  cancer screening. These serve as further proof of the high clinical significance of tests such as ColoAlert®, which are based on a combination of the evidence of tumour DNA and blood-in-stool.
    ColoAlert® version 2.0 has even far superior sensitivities and specificities


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    If you have any urgent symptoms, call 999 or 111

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    Where you purchase the Products & Services on the Site, or purchase Products in a pharmacy all sections of these Conditions apply.



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    5. Test information


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    Services means testing the Sample that you send to the Accredited Laboratory, and providing you with the Test Information;


    Us or We means the Company (Biox Medical Ltd;


    Viruses "virus" or "worm", "Trojan horse", "trap door", "Software Switch", "time" or "logic bomb", "disabling code" or "routines", or "expiration dates";


    You or you means the user of the Site.


    Any reference express or implied to a law in these Terms, includes: 


    (i) references to that law as amended, extended or applied by or under any other law, before or after the date of these Terms; 

    (ii) references to any law which that law re-enacts, with or without modification; and

    (iii) references to any sub-ordinate legislation made before or after the date of this Agreement under any law including one within (i) or (ii).


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