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Early Cancer Detection Test EarlyCDT®


EarlyCDT® is a simple blood test that detects the elevated presence of autoantibodies generated by the body’s immune system as a natural defense against cancer cells.

EarlyCDT® Lung is the world’s most thoroughly validated blood test for the detection of lung cancer and requires only a small volume of blood which can be taken in the community setting as well as a doctor’s surgery. Shown to detect lung cancer on average four years earlier compared to current standard clinical diagnosis, EarlyCDT® Lung can also provide an effective assessment of cancer risk in indeterminate pulmonary nodules (IPNs).

EarlyCDT® Lung

  •  p53, NY-ESO-1, CAGE, GBU4-5, HuD, MAGE A4 and SOX2.

    Autoantibodies can be detected in peripheral blood in patients with solid tumours up to 3–4 years before symptomatic presentation

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