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"ColoAlert® makes Bowel Cancer screening simple, fast and precise"


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NO needles

NO probes

NO medications

NO diets

NO doctors

NO hospitals


Can be done anytime anywhere





ColoAlert is Accurate, Award winning and German Engineered

ColoAlert showed the most accurate test results among the non-invasive screening methods published in an international peer reviewed journal



ColoAlert test for 5 parameters compared to 1 parameter on a standard FIT Bowel Cancer Test

"Prevention on demand
health screening"

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2021 Update: Business as usual. No interruptions to our lab and courier services

"Bowel scope screening is no longer offered " NHS Bowel scope screening

"The number of young adults with bowel cancer is rising at an alarming rate in England at an exponential increase in the incidence of bowel cancer among adults under 50" (March 2020, in the British Journal of Surgery BJS )

          Age has always been a major risk factor for bowel cancer, with the majority of cases being diagnosed in patients over 60 and 

          therefore bowel cancer screening has focused on older age groups.The study findings are in agreement with other research 

           carried out in Europe and the US in the recent past, which indicates a rapid rise in the incidence of this cancer in young adults

"Bowel Cancer 5 year Survival rates are 95% if diagnosed at Early Stage and only 5% at Late Stage"

                                                                      (Cancer Research UK)

"The cancers where the UK has the lowest 5-year survival rates of the 7 countries are stomach, colon, rectal, pancreas and lung cancer"(NHS)

ColoAlert is ONLY available on this site and at Partner clinics and pharmacies.  For international orders please follow this link


ColoAlert®  is an award winning innovation and new to the UK  

There is no other test like it

It combines the conventional FIT test with advanced German engineered sDNA technology (stool DNA) and lastest Hb-Hp stool blood detection tests 


They work in combination to detect blood (FIT test and Hb-Hp complex) and mutated DNA (sDNA) for the early detection of Bowel Cancer (Colorectal Cancer) before any symptoms or bleeding may occur. This offers a better early detection than faecal occult blood tests alone. Bowel cancer can be cured if detected early. ColoAlert detects 85 % of colorectal cancer cases and often in very early stages of the disease.****

The Hb-HP test is far more superior and sensitive than conventional FIT test alone. 


Also available in the UK at our partner clinic Pallmall Medical. 

ColoAlert® makes Bowel Cancer screening simple, fast and precise.

Quality Assurance

ColoAlert test is managed by ISO15189 accredited Laboratories 

The International Standard ISO 15189 is the gold standard for accreditation of medical laboratories, covering both management and technical requirements needed for assessing the competence of the personnel .Therefore, the ISO 15189 accreditation is an assurance that the laboratory has been assessed against internationally recognized standards aimed to prove the existence of a quality system, technical competence, and that the personnel is actually proficient to generate technically valid results and suitable information for the intended use of each test.


ColoAlert is managed by EN ISO 13485:2016 certified Laboratories

The International Standard ISO 13485 is the gold standard for certifying medical laboratories, covering

Design and development, manufacture and distribution of in vitro diagnostics for the detection of human genetic
mutations as well as pathogens based on the GenoChip-technology

Coloalert is CE IVD certified

CE-IVD means approved CE Marking according to the Requirements of European Directive 98/79/EC of the European Parliament and of the council of 27 October 1998 on in vitro diagnostic medical devices (IVDD) or its successor Directive.

ColoAlert is managed by highly qualified medical professionals.

Biox Medical Ltd is the licensed official UK distributer of ColoAlert 

ColoAlert is IATA UN3373 approved

Coloalert is securely collected and delivered to Laboratories under the strictest UN3373 standards by DHL

*Cancer Research UK (2016), 
**Colorectal Cancer Alliance(USA), Colorectal cancer doesnt care how old you are.
**** Dollinger MM et al. (2018), ClinLab 64(10), 1719-1730. Gies et al. (2018). Gastroenterology 154(1), 93-104. Cooper GS et al. (2018). Dig Dis Sci. 63(6), 1449-1453.


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