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After his father’s death from bowel cancer, Dr. Tang, NHS & Pall Mall Medical GP, pulled together forces with his wife Dr. Clara Weisshaar and the Biochemist/ Molecularbiologist Prof. Dr.Maria Paz Weisshaar and founded Biox Medical to introduce this non-invasive screening kit in the UK.
This New generation stool detection kit was developed by Mainz Biomed MYNZ (PharmGenomics GmbH) of which Prof. Weisshaar has a deep research connection with since 2008. This new and innovative diagnostic kit will significantly improve diagnoses amongst younger patients and at-risk men in particular.
"New stool DNA test, ColoAlert, could boost survival rates amongst bowel cancer patients by 95%. The low-cost home screening kit has been hailed as a “game-changer” for the early
detection of four key biomarkers of bowel cancer before symptoms appear."  Prof. Weisshaar 

"I sadly know only too well from my family’s experience how terrible the consequences of late diagnosis can be in colorectal cancers. If I can stop one family going through this trauma I would have done my dad proud and they wouldn`t have to suffer like he did."  Dr. Tang 

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