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Checklist before sending samples


Do not proceed if you

- are currently menstruating

- currently suffer from an infectious gastrointestinal disease

- your sample collection is not scheduled for the next 24 hours

First remove all contents from the packaging. Now flush your toilet once.

Open the enclosed stool catcher and attach it to your toilet as shown.

The stool catcher and stool sample may come into contact with clear water, but

avoid cleaning agents.

2.Sampling for Faecal occult blood test

Take the smaller of the two tubes and hold it steady and upright with the blue

lid and yellow handle facing upwards to avoid spillage of the buffer liquid.

Now turn the yellow handle firmly anticlockwise until it clicks and gently

pull out the yellow dosing stick. Prick the stool sample with the dosing

stick in 3 different areas. Only allow the grooves of the stick to fill with stool.

Put the dosing stick back into the stool sample tube and refrain from pulling it

out again. Then turn the tube clockwise, with a little pressure downwards, so that the dosing

stick audibly snaps into the blue cap.

3.Sampling for genetic test

Caution: If the liquid has flakes, warm up the tube with your hands in order to

dissolve them first. Now open the enclosed collection tube with the brown cap without spilling the liquid. Use the spoon to take a pea-sized amount from 3 different places out of

the middle of the stool sample. Caution: The total amount from the

3 places must not be larger than theheaped spoon.Then put the spoon back into the tube

and close it carefully.Shake the collection tube vigorously for at least one minute until an uniform mixture is obtained.

4.Filling in the order form

Please fill in the order form on both sides and sign it. Please also decide whether you wish to take advantage of the additional benefits of ColoAlert Plus in term of detection

rate and priorization. Put the order form back into the packaging. Without this fully

completed and signed document, the laboratory analysis cannot be


5.Sample preservation and shipping

Place both collection tubes in the enclosed zip bag with the white

absorbent pad and close it carefully. Close the package and seal it with the

enclosed adhesive. Store the packaging at room temperature until dispatched.

Enter your return address on the back of the packaging. Once the test kit has been

packaged securely back in the box, place the box into the plastic flyer bag and

remove the tape at the end of the bag to seal securely. Please pass the loose

copy of the label to the courier upon collection.Call DHL Customer Service on 0844 248

0844 to arrange a collection. You will need to quote the waybill number on

your label to the advisor and also your collection address.

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