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Collecting the ColoAlert Stool sample



Call DHL Customer Services on 0844 248 0844 to arrange a collection. You will need to quote the waybill number on your label to the advisor and also your collection address. The Laboratories are open Monday to Friday in Germany. Please arrange a DHL collection date on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday to ensure it arrives in the laboratories during the week. Once the test kit has been packaged securely back in the box, place the box into the plastic flyer bag and remove the tape at the end of the bag to seal securely. Please pass the loose copy of the label to the courier upon collection.

Do I need to activate ColoAlert?

There is no need to activate ColoAlert. We have streamlined the process and removed this step.

The first thing to understand is, it's really not as bad as you think. You can do this! There's no need to be squeamish. It's straightforward, takes only five minutes and could save your life. STEP 1 - Firstly, line the water at the bottom of your toilet bowl with paper. This is to "catch" your poo before it hits the water. STEP 2 - Secondly, take the "cocktail stick" supplied with your ColoAlert test pack and collect a small sample of your stool. You only need a very small amount. STEP 3 - Thirdly, immediately, place it in your "cocktail stick" "test tube", screw it shut tightly, mark it up with your details and that's it. All done and you can get on with your day!

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