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FAQ ColoAlert Manual

Laboratory analysis and test results

After receipt of your sample, the laboratory experts extract the contained DNA

from your stool sample and examine it for oncogenetic mutations. The amount

of both human DNA and haemoglobin in the stool is also determined.

The laboratory analysis requires a maximum of 9 working days after the

arrival of the sample. You will receive the results and a recommendation on how

to proceed by e-mail to the address you specified in the order form.With ColoAlert Plus, the sample analysis is prioritized and includes an additional biomarker. This reduces the processing time to a maximum of 5 working days.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How soon should the sample be sent back?

Please arrange the collection of your stool sample no later than the next day after sample taking. The return package is already correctly addressed.

Do I have to adjust my diet before the test?

No, this is not necessary. The dietary preparation was only necessary for the older (chemical) occult blood tests.

How often should ColoAlert be performed?

A test interval of 3 years is recommended as colorectal cancer can develop over time, through ageing and lifestyle changes. This is essential to check for any new changes in the bowels and thus any early detection of colorectal cancer will significantly increase overall survival. In case of a positive tumour DNA marker, a shortened screening inter-

val might be recommended.

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