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Having a colonoscopy- A personal perspective

I remember i had to have a restricted diet for 24hrs and a full day of no food along with bowel prep supplied by the hospital. The hardest part was shopping with family and seeing them eat but i knew if i ate then I would still have to do colonoscopy again later

The fear of the unknown is great, what if it perforated what if i die despite being reassured with the evidence of safety your mind still plays illusions

I came to the point of being philosophical saying that i never had one done before so any anxiety fear stress is an illusion as reality is unknown.

In otherwords i never know what colonoscopy feels like until i do it.. The fear is imagined!

The colonoscopy actually feels like trapped wind and you see the tv as the scope progresses down the bowel and you can appreciate while bowel prep is needed! I was clear and reassured.

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