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Hereditary Breast Cancer – How Our New At-Home Saliva or Blood Test Can Detect the BRCA 1 and BRCA

SENTIS™ Hereditary Breast & Ovarian

Blood or saliva testing uses DNA to identify inherited BRCA gene mutations. These simple

tests are mailed to your house and use saliva or blood, which is collected in a sample kit and then mailed to a lab for analysis.

At-home saliva tests like those from MeCheck are accurate at confirming BRCA mutations in

DNA. Furthermore, they spare patients from having to undergo unnecessary X-ray screenings and encourage more frequent testing that cuts down on long intervals between screenings.

While blood tests were the traditional DNA screening method for breast cancer, saliva DNA

contains 30 per cent leukocytes, which makes it comparable to blood in terms of DNA quality –and non-invasive as well.

To learn more about at-home saliva tests for breast cancer, contact MeCheck today.

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