Bowel Cancer unusually appearing in Younger patients especially with high profile celebrity cases.

"The number of young adults with bowel cancer is rising at an alarming rate in England at an exponential increase in the incidence of bowel cancer among adults under 50" (March 2020, in the British Journal of Surgery BJS )

Age has always been a major risk factor for bowel cancer, with the majority of cases being diagnosed in patients over 60 and therefore bowel cancer screening has focused on older age groups. The study findings are in agreement with other research carried out in Europe and the US in the recent past, which indicates a rapid rise in the incidence of this cancer in young adults

Lifestyle related

Some experts claim that its life style related with higher red meat consumption and less fibre and exercise, some experts say its because more information are available in the media with more general awareness of Bowel Cancer, especially with recent high profile cases of Colorectal Cancer both in the UK and USA. Currently there are no screening programs for below 55-60 years olds in the NHS.

If concerned

Contact your GP if you have any symptoms ​of

  • ​Rectal bleeding, either bright or dark red in color

  • ​Tenesmus, which is the feeling that you have to empty your bowel but nothing passes

  • ​Anemia caused by iron deficiency

  • ​Persistent abdominal pain

  • ​Unexplained weight loss

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