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NHS FIT vs ColoAlert

Some people have wondered if the stool test offered by the NHS is the same as ColoAlert, there is a big difference and can be summarized in a table:-

Both Stool tests are designed to detect Bowel Cancer earlier enough for intervention as Stage 1 Bowel cancer has a 95% five year survival rate as above to advanced bowel cancer at 5% five year survival rate. The FIT relies on blood found in the bowels which can be from any source (Polyps, Ulcerative Colitis, Chrohns, polyps, Bowel Cancer etc) and if it was Bowel cancer it means the tumour has grown to damaged the bowel wall lining so that it bleeds into the stools. Wouldn`t it be better if the tumour is detected earlier before it has advanced as far as to cause bleeding. ColoAlert detects KRAS, BRAF, HDNA which don`t rely on detecting blood and thus initiating earlier intervention.

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