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NHS One Time Scope Screening update

Previously the NHS Bowel screening programmes consisted of

  1. 55-59yrs One time Scope,subject to availability

  2. 60yrs+ FIT stool test

Now NHS policies have changed as on the NHS website

"Bowel scope screening Previously, some people aged 55 were invited for a test where a healthcare professional uses a tube with a camera to look inside the bowel. This is called bowel scope screening.Bowel scope screening is no longer offered.

If you were invited for this test but have not had it because it was delayed due to coronavirus, you will be sent a home test kit from April 2021."

Screening for Bowel Cancer will be left to the FIT test at 60 years old on the NHS, If you have any symptoms then consult your own GP.

ColoAlert is available privately but not on the NHS.

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