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Patient Instructions and Processing Times

1a) See your private GP for an initial consultation about your symptoms. Your GP will inform you about your possible screening options with respect to your symptoms and provide you with the ColoAlert® patient kit to take home.

1b) ColoAlert® patient kits are also available on the ColoAlert® website in our online store. Pleaseconsult our website for an up-to-date list of Colo-Alert® retailers on

2) Call DHL to book collection date first

3) Please carefully follow the instructions in the ColoAlert® patient kit provided to you to collect the two required stool samples.

3) Once your samples are collected and appropriately labelled, please follow the provided postal instructions.

4) Important information: the samples need to be sent latest the next day after sample collection in order to arrive at our specified lab within max. 96 hours. Weekend mail is to be avoided due to possible delays in shipping times during nonworking days.

5) Laboratory Processing Time: Once your two samples have arrived safely at our specified laboratory, the processing and analysis time for the two samples are 5 days for ColoAlert® Plus and 9 days for ColoAlert® Basic.

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