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Why ColoAlert®

ColoAlert® is an award winning medical diagnostic and new to the UK, combining the conventional FIT test with an advanced German engineered sDNA technology (stool DNA). The new sDNA test works by detecting blood (FIT) and mutated cancer cells in the stool for the early detection of Bowel Cancer before any bleeding or symptoms may occur.

ColoAlert® tests for a total of 5 Biomarkers (FIT, HB-HP, KRAS, BRAF and human DNA) and has a sensitivity of > 90% and specificity of > 95%, yet it is non-invasive and more convenient than a Colonoscopy. This offers a better early detection than faecal occult blood tests alone.

Bowel cancer can be cured if detected early. ColoAlert® can help by detecting 85% of colorectal cancer cases and often in very early stages of the disease.

ColoAlert® makes Bowel Cancer screening simlple, fast and precise. Please read enclosed leaflets for more information on the product.

ColoAlert® is available to self-paying patients and patients with health insurance cover, including Bupa, GeoBlue etc

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