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Why use ColoAlert®?

ColoAlert® is a non-invasive screening test that is superior to FIT in terms of sensitivity,

while offering the same comfort and convenience in collecting the sample at home. It is

currently the only stool DNA testing kit for colorectal cancer screening via the direct detection of mutated tumour DNA in Europe. The colon mucosa continuously sheds cells, which get passed into the stool. In case of colorectal cancer, unhealthy cells will equally be shed into stool,along with normal healthy cells. ColoAlert® in principle can detect those unhealthy cancer DNA cells early, in some cases even before any abnormal cell growths can be endoscopically detected through a bowel scope and long before any symptoms (such as bleeding) may appear.

Important Note: ColoAlert® does not analyse your hereditary genetic information. The test

exclusively analyses DNA changes that are associated with colorectal cancer.

It is therefore an excellent option for patients who

do not wish to undergo a bowel scope without

cause. Colorectal cancer can also release blood

into the stool, which is detectable by FIT. Howe-

ver, blood in stool may also be caused by other

health conditions such as inflammation, haemor-

rhoids and inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD)

such as Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.

Furthermore, not all bowel cancer polyps,

especially in early stages and right-sided ones, will

have blood shedding in the stool.

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