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Nonacus -  GALEAS® Bladder-


A comprehensive, laboratory developed, genetic test for identifying all
stages of bladder cancer from a urine sample

• Allows patients to provide a sample in the comfort of their own home. No hospital visits, no painful
• Offers equivalent sensitivity and specificity to cystoscopy
• Reduces the number of unnecessary cystoscopies reducing costs and resource burden on clinics.
• Leverages targeted next generation sequencing chemistry to detect 451 mutations associated with
bladder cancer.


Why is testing for bladder cancer important?

Around 600,000 people worldwide are diagnosed annually with bladder cancer, and over 200,000 deaths are linked to the disease, making it the 10th most common cancer type in the western world.1

However, when diagnosed early, over 90% of patients with bladder cancer will survive 5 years, compared to only 36% of those with a late diagnosis.


Bladder cancer causes >5K deaths in the UK each year BUT
early detection can significantly impact survival

GALEAS® Bladder

£445.00 Regular Price
£370.00Sale Price
  • Genes tested:

    C3orf70, ERCC2, RHOB
    CDKN2A, FGFR3, SF3B1
    CREBBP, HRAS, TERT (promoter)
    CTNNB1, KDM6A, TP53
    ELF3, KRAS

    Further information regarding these genes can be found here

    Biomarkers were identified by Prof Rik Bryan and Dr Doug Ward at Birmingham
    University, UK.
    • NGS sequencing panel that targets promoter and exonic regions of 23 of the
    most relevant genes associated with bladder cancer
    • Identified by a combination of publicly available data and deep exome
    • Exome studies were performed on Caucasian populations
    • 451 somatic mutations present in the panel have been shown to detect 96%
    of bladder cancers in over 644 clinical samples.

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